The Royal Greenwich Curry Club was born in 2009 when a group of friends started meeting once a month at a different venue to eat curry, drink beer and talk nonsense. It has grown, and now reviews curry houses all over the UK and internationally, as well as offering news, recipes and all things curry related. We organise curry supper clubs, special events for restaurants, curry-drink pairing dinners and run the annual Greenwich Curry Club Awards..

Naturally, when Greenwich was declared a Royal Borough in 2012 to mark the Diamond Jubilee, we added Royal to our name and were delighted when Prince William joined us for a curry to celebrate. Sort of.

We now organise curry pop-ups, events with restaurants such as curry pairing evenings, the annual Greenwich Curry Club Awards and write a monthly curry column for the Greenwich Visitor newspaper..

The original south London group (yes we are in the London Greenwich not the New York one) still meets and handkerchiefs are supplied for those who get nose bleeds as soon as they leave Greenwich. Anyone is welcome to join us as long as he/she is charming, witty, and doesn’t do a runner before the bill is paid…

Restaurant ratings explained…

Please note: as from Dec 2012 we use a rating out of 10 for each category we rate – previously it was a five-star system using ① ② ③ ④ ⑤. 

1⃣ or  2⃣   We don’t like it here (very quiet for Atmosphere)

3⃣  or  4⃣    We’ll give it another try if we’re hungry (bit quiet for Atmosphere)

5⃣  or  6⃣    We’ll be back (ok for Atmosphere)

7⃣  or  8⃣   We like it a lot (fun for Atmosphere)

9⃣ or   🔟   We love it! (great fun for Atmosphere)

Reviews and ratings
Reviews and ratings are given at the time of the particular visit (as you’d expect) even if a restaurant has already been visited previously. So if a curry house is usually very friendly it still may get a poor service rating if service is poor at the time of the visit (although the review would point this out where this is known). As with every customer, it’s no good being told a restaurant is fantastic by all your friends if on your visit your onion bhaji is soggy, the chicken overcooked and the waiter acts as if he’d rather be elsewhere. Note: ratings are usually by the reviewer except when it is a Greenwich Curry Club meeting when it is the average of all members.

Dansak, dhansak? Pilou rice, pilau rice? Variations of spellings abound in the world of Indian food so I use the spellings the restaurant itself uses where possible. Until I muster up the energy to do a comprehensive piece on spellings that is. ‘Indian’ and ‘curry’ are also used throughout to cover the full gambit of South Asian food.

e-mail: greenwichcurryclub@gmail.com

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8 thoughts on “About

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  2. Thank you for following me. Enjoying your blog too, I’ve clearly got a long way to go! Some great prospects though – Kashmiri Aroma (still to do in Sheffield); Gaylords, Isle of Dogs is now on my longlist!

    Forgive me if I trawl your reviews for new ways to describe onion bhajis, they’re a recurring liability!

  3. Hey Judge! Yeah Kashmiri Aroma was great so be good to know what it’s like now. Gaylords very decent. Give us a shout when you’re down, we’ll join you for an onion bhaji or three!

  4. oh how I hate having to address you with “d567f” when you have put up a picture of yours 🙂 🙂 – I actually heard/read of you some time back but for some obscure reason never managed to get in touch with this great Blog. But as they say ‘better late than never”. Re spelling of Indian words, after 14plus years out here I now have got used to the many different spellings for one single word (in cooking), so I have chosen one version – with the approval of my Malayali husband 😉 – and stick to it.

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