Chai Latte


This was discovered in a Marks & Spencer Christmas chocolate box, one of those things where an elaborate box holds a handful of (it must be admitted) rather delicious chocolates. This chocolate is called Chai Latte (the pic is not actual size obviously) and is described as “a creamy white chocolate merged with Colombian coffee, spice and chai flavour.” It’s not like any chai I’ve had but it looks good and tastes good. It was in what M&S call a Golden Jewels Box, but I guess you’ll have to wait till next December till these are rolled out again.

Curry joke 30

A man is in a shop looking to buy whole spices but he insists on negotiating.

“I need to cook these whole spice in ghee to create that wonderful taste,” he tells the shop owner. “What can you do for me with regards to the price?”

“I’m getting fed up with you,” he replies. “My prices are very good but you always insist on coming in here to get a Bhargar.”